Over 25 years of FACT

  • 1996:


    Foundation of FACT Unternehmensberatung GmbH in Frankfurt am Main

    On 1 July 1996, the private bank Metzler seel. Sohn & Co., FACT Unternehmensberatung GmbH is founded in Frankfurt am Main. The first five employees start work. The focus is on the classic consulting business for finance, treasury, controlling and accounting and the development of own products for the capital investment of institutional investors.

  • 1998:

    Trinkaus and Burkhardt KGaG becomes shareholder of FACT

    Bank Trinkaus and Burkhardt acquires shares in FACT.



  • 1999:


    FACT launches a new consulting division: SAP

    FACT expands its activities to include the implementation of the SAP Treasury modules.

  • 2000:

    FACT becomes part of the IDS Scheer Group

    Das börsenkotierte Beratungs- und Software-Haus IDS Scheer AG aus Saarbrücken erwirbt die Mehrheit an der FACT; Trinkaus und Burkhardt scheidet aus dem Gesellschafterkreis aus.



  • 2001:


    Expansion of SAP activities abroad

    FACT founds a subsidiary in Spain with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. The focus of activities is on SAP treasury topics.

  • 2003:

    Foundation of FACT Switzerland AG

    With the founding of a second subsidiary in Switzerland, FACT continues to expand its foreign business.



  • 2003:


    The FIRST product family comes into being

    FIRST IFRS lays the foundation for the comprehensive FIRST asset management platform.

  • 2008:

    Foundation of FACT Informationssysteme & Consulting AG

    The activities of the product area are combined in the newly founded FACT Informationssysteme & Consulting AG in Neuss.



  • 2010:


    The FACT Group becomes part of Software AG

    Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, takes over IDS Scheer AG from Saarbrücken. The FACT Group thus becomes part of Software AG.

  • 2013:

    Partnership with Credit Suisse

    FACT Schweiz AG wird Partner der Credit Suisse für die bankfachliche Beratung und technische Anbindung von Unternehmen an das Private Swift Network PSN der Credit Suisse.



  • 2016:


    Data Governance

    The basis for data protection and security in the company. First project successfully implemented.

  • 2018:

    Data protection law in the EU comes into force (GDPR)

    Implementation of the GDPR within the EU



  • 2020:


    Foundation data-protectors.ch

    Implementation of the new Swiss Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR.